Sick kitten

How many people helped to save the animal I adopted?

You may be surprised how many people actually have a hand in helping us!

Here is one story of some animals we are saving this week from one of our partners in Alabama, PURRfect Partners of Mobile (PPOM).  It started with Hurricane Ida wreaking havoc over the south, destroying homes and leaving hundreds of pets homeless.  The fine ladies at PPOM worked with people who found, fed and helped these cats survive. 

As things settled down PPOM arranged fosters for some cats and took care of others. Next up were some health checks, spay/neutering, shots, etc… Once cleared, PPOM partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to provide the van to transport the cats up to Rock n’ Rescue.  Once we receive them Rock n’ Rescue does the final checks, nail clippings and makes sure they are ready to adopt.
So to answer the question above we will start with the folks that saved the cats first, the ladies at PPOM, their fosters and volunteers.  The next helpers are the vets and vet techs.  Our third leg are the folks from Best Friends and the drivers taking the little furry’s from Alabama to New York.  Finally, we have our staff, volunteers and fosters.  When you add it all up there are 15 people (or even more) who have all contributed to getting each cat into it’s forever home, mostly volunteers.

These little cuties have sure been through a lot, but their journey is just about complete.  We hope you can appreciate all the help it took to get them to their ultimate destination. 
  And that’s how we rescue pets to rescue people!