Black cat laying on bed

Adopt a Less Adoptable!

When considering adopting a pet, have you ever thought about choosing one that may have physical or mental challenges? At Rock N’ Rescue, we make it our goal to save every animal possible, even the ones who are considered less-adoptable. Special needs animals are at a higher risk of getting euthanized, but given the chance, animals with physical or mental challenges prove to be just as loving and affectionate as any! By adopting a “less-adoptable”, you are giving them another chance at a happy life full of love! You can also help us raise awareness by showing others that the “not so perfect” pets are worth giving a home to!

Pets with special needs/disabilities: Pets with disabilities are frequently very resilient and make for great companions! Depending on their ailment, they can be very independent and self-sufficient. And just because they may be mentally or physically challenged doesn’t mean that they love any less! Special needs pets could come in many different sizes or shapes. The term special needs may sound intimidating to some potential pet parents, but the needs aren’t always what they seem. For example, a cat with diabetes, like Whitney, the sweet girl in the photo (who is up for adoption!) would be considered special needs. However, her needs are pretty simple.  She just requires some extra medical attention, which is one shot of insulin with breakfast. Some potential adopters worry about the cost of insulin, but in reality, buying litter is more expensive! Adopting a cat with diabetes or another physical or mental need is so worthwhile.

In some cases, a special needs pet may require an experienced pet owner, so if you fit that criteria, you could provide an excellent home for a loving pet.

Senior pets

Often, when adopting a pet, potential adopters look for a young puppy or kitten. Young pets are much more likely to be adopted, and the older fellas are often overlooked!  Senior pets may not be able to give you the same number of years that other pets can, but they can give you some of the best years of your life! Senior pets are often already house-trained, comfortable around people and other pets, and can form a bond like no other!

Black dogs and cats

Black dogs and cats have a difficult time being adopted due to superstition and negative connotations surrounding them! But these fur babies are just as sweet and loving as other-colored cats.

If you are thinking of adopting, please consider a “less-adoptable” pet. You can also help ensure these pets get adopted by sharing them on social media, educating others about the benefits of “less-adoptables” and sharing your story if you have adopted a less adoptable pet.

Written by Grace Hooker