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Our Therapy Programs

Animals have been used throughout history to bring happiness, pleasure and overall entertainment to the human race.

Animals have an uncanny ability to make us laugh and feel pleasure, which allows us to momentarily leave our stressors and inhibitions behind.

When individuals experience the positive emotions brought on by an interaction with an animal, anxiety subsequently decreases, moods lift, and defense mechanisms are lowered.

This leaves a small opening in the human condition to consider and even affect change. Hence, Animal Assisted Therapy increases the benefits of therapy and further positive outcomes.

Animal Assisted Therapy utilizes animals in a therapeutic context to improve overall mental, physical, and/or psycho-social well being.

Therapeutic In Home Placement Program
Our rescue helps families choose the right therapy animal for lifelong comfort and support. With the permission of licensed social workers, psychologists, and psychotherapists, adopters can adopt these exceptional animals and utilize their love and affection to better psychological, intellectual and or physical challenges. Adopters can request a specific type of animal and we will work with them to find the right fit.

Nursing Home Kitty Therapy Program (Kitty Klub)
Our goal is to elicit positive quality of life experiences in the residents that our rescue serves. Benefits include stress reduction, increased rapport, self-esteem, and increased motivation. Positive effects of Animal Assisted Therapy have also been noted through objective physiological measures, such as normalization of blood pressure and hormone levels.

Therapeutic On Site Placement Program
Our rescue places therapy animals into clinical settings under the care of licensed social workers, psychologists, and psychotherapists who adopt these animals and incorporate them into their personal and professional lives. These special animals are temperament tested based on the specifications required by the professional and their wellness practice.

Kitty Yoga Wellness
Kitty Yoga is offered in a variety of wonderful forms! Bring one of our yoga professionals or hire your own, and we bring the kitties ready to romp and snuggle during a very special and smile-filled class. Kitty yoga is a great way to stay healthy and happy and is for all ages. Whether you like Mommy and Me Kitty Yoga, Teen Yoga or just general Kitty Yoga – we have the class for you. We can even do a custom class for a special occasion!

Kitty Cuddle Sessions
Think your workplace/school need some de-stressing? Well Kitty Cuddle Sessions are your easy cure. Who doesn’t love to get snuggles from our warm fuzzy friends?! Schedule a Kitty Cuddle Session where you provide the cuddle area (kitty proofed of course) and we bring a special group of snugglers ready to give you and your colleagues kisses and hugs and (of course) smiles. We can guarantee it will make your day (and your stress) a whole lot better!

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