black cat with orange neck tie

Meet Bumblebear a foster fail but a great success story!

He was found all alone – now he is the star of the household

  •  Bumblebear was found as a tiny 5 week old stray in Mahopac
  •  We made sure he was healthy and eventually sent him to be fostered
  •  Bumble was special needs with an eyesight problem
  •  Eventually he became 100% blind but our foster was fully in love and adopted him
  •  When Bumble hears the son come home from work he races down the stairs to  welcome him home. 
  •   Bumble has a great personality. He’s curious about all sounds, very affectionate, and boisterous.
  •   He is the most extroverted cat, he loves meeting new people, and never hides anywhere

            And that’s why we rescue pets to rescue people!