About Us

About Rock n' Rescue!

Rock N’ Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in South Salem, NY. Our mission is to both rescue and re-home pets in need. Our primary focus is to assist families looking for a pet that is not only happy and healthy, but a pet that can provide a therapeutic solution for emotional and physical ailments. Although we specialize in cats, we also custom search for dogs, guinea pigs and other pets for approved adopters.

The heart and soul of our rescue is our motto “We Rescue Pets to Rescue People,” and we strive to spread this message with our many community outreach programs including cat therapy programs for all ages (like our nursing home Kitty Clubs), cat wellness programs (like our Kitty Yoga classes) and educational programs (like our Read to Kitty classes) and more!

We welcome volunteers – individuals and groups from kids to seniors – who assist in a variety of fun and interactive job and amazing adopters from near and far who give our pets the happy beginnings and a lifetime of joy that they deserve.


What they're saying....

“I cant say enough great things about my experience with Rock N’ Rescue. From the moment I brought my kitten home, he has been the light of my life. Though he has an adorable personality, I know that part of the reason he was able to adjust to me so quickly was because of the care that RnR took of him.”
~ Kristin


Juli Cialone

Founder, Director

Juli Cialone is a ’90 Cornell graduate with a lifelong passion for rescuing animals worldwide. From rehabbing wildlife as a child, to creating photo documentaries for rescues both big and small, to creating ad campaigns for a variety of animal welfare awareness issues, Ms. Cialone has never ceased in her quest to protect and save the pets we hold so dear. Using her skills as a pro photographer, she has traveled the world documenting both wild and domesticated animals to learn fresh concepts of conservation in order to solve current animal welfare concerns in the USA. In 2008, Ms. Cialone and her triplet sons established Rock N’ Rescue in their hometown of Rochester NY in order to partner with other rescues and allow teenagers to make a difference in their community. More recently, in 2017, Ms. Cialone moved to South Salem NY and Rock N’ Rescue underwent a transformation into an independent 501(c)3 to take its mission on a new path – therapy and wellness.

Marla Valentine

Co- Director, Therapy Coordinator

Marla Valentine is an accomplished NYS Licensed Master Social Worker with over 20 years experience in the field of counseling, long term care and case management. Ms. Valentine was honored at the 18th Annual Westchester Communal Professionals Reception in 2015 for serving as an inspiration to the Westchester Community, and she was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Westchester County Executive, Robert Astorino. Ms. Valentine has been rescuing small animals all her life. As a child, she would assist in community efforts to locate owners of lost pets and find new homes for orphaned ones. As a mother of 2, her children were raised with a menagerie of pets, from reptiles to equines. At present, Ms. Valentine has 2 rescued dogs, 2 rescued cats, 2 birds (one of which was adopted) and an Off The Track Thoroughbred Equine which she lovingly refers to as her “Biggest Rescue”. Over the past decade, Ms. Valentine has fostered both dogs and cats in her home, and volunteered for several rescue-based operations in Westchester County. Ms. Valentine’s experiences in her career and life have led her to believe in the incredible therapeutic value of pets in clinical settings as well as in the home and workplace. Together, Ms. Cialone and Ms. Valentine aspire to bring Animal Assisted Therapy into the forefront of Animal Rescue.