Dark colored cats

A Therapy Story

Today we would love to share one of our not just amazing, but unique therapy stories.  It is known that dogs can be trained to recognize seizures in humans, but did you know that cats have that innate sense too?  Well here in Shannon’s words is her story.  Truly remarkable –

Sensing a Seizure

“My 3 kitties are my angels!  Last year my family fostered momma kitty Roxy her kittens when they were very young.  I immediately fell in love (who wouldn’t?!!) and decided I wanted to adopt Roxy and her two little Manx boys, Jax and Bear or, as Juli and Marla at Rock N’ Rescue called them, the Nuggets. (The Nuggets were put with Roxy hoping she’d nurse them with her own 3 after they had been found orphaned – eyes shut and starving – and Roxy took them in as her own.)  It is the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

“I know people say cats and dogs can have special extra-sensory abilities, but it became suddenly real to me when I had adopted these three angels.  You see, I’ve had epilepsy pretty much my entire life.  I am fortunate that I have minor seizures compared to other people, but I now know that I am even more fortunate to have these kitties.  Since adopting, I have noticed several times that the cats come sit on my chest and lap, laying on top of me (see photo above) usually 5 minutes before I have a seizure.  When the seizure subsides, they even stay with me for a long time afterwards.  This has occurred several times so I know it is not a mere coincidence.”

“Remarkably, they just know when I’m going to have a seizure before I even know I’m going to have one!  My loves are now also my guardians, always taking such great care of me as I do with them!  I am so blessed to have Roxy, Jax and Bear with me in my life!  I love my fur babies – we were meant to be together forever!”

~ Shannon

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