Illustrations of cats in Covid masks

COVID-19 Crisis

The world of rescue is a tumultuous place during the Covid-19 crisis.  Here in NY/CT in the US epicenter, it is particularly a difficult place to manage as most vets are closed or in need of supplies (mask medications etc…) and animal shelters shut to the public.  We here at RnR are also in quarantine, letting NO ONE in our facility except myself and Marla, in order to protect both our cats and ourselves.

We are blessed with volunteers, who have remotely helped us – from families fostering, to ones cross posting our cats, to those making little gift bags for future adoptables, to ones picking up donated food and even ones willing to clean out our POD and sheds which were in need of a dire overhaul.  We have many tiny kittens “cooking” in foster – almost ready to go to forever homes – and their little worlds are bringing much joy to their foster families.

If travel restrictions allow, probably in about 2 weeks time more will enter our fosters and take the burden off our fantastic Southern partners who are on the frontlines of a massive kitten season already in progress.  It takes a village and a country to come together to make a crisis seem bearable – we just want to say thank you to everyone who is out there right now making miracles happen. 

Interested in Adopting?

If you have not already read our Covid-19 guidelines for adopting, please go to our Adopt page and read over the new stipulations.  Video conferencing is the new “meet your pet” way to be safe and happy at the same time.  We are finding it quite fun and rewarding and have had not one disappointed family.  Of course, all our adoptables are stars and ready to bring love and joy and often therapy into any lucky home.  If you are interested in adopting, we can custom search for you (as usual) – just takes a bit longer these days due to transport restrictions. 

Never has it been more clear how important pets are in our lives than now – they have made quarantine a warm comforting place – and brought a lot of smiles and giggles too!  Let us also salute our fuzzy friends who have made our lives these days just a little more bearable.

We Rescue Cats to Rescue People.  Live.  Love.  Rock.  Adopt!