The importance of socializing young pets

Socialization is how a kitten or puppy becomes a friendly, agreeable adult used to the world around them. Introducing aspects of the world to young pets, such as loud noises, peculiar objects, foreign places, and new people can allow for easy adjustment and a less anxious, more confident life. Many aggressive behaviors stem from fear, so teaching your fur friends early on that they do not have to fear their surroundings is a promising way to avoid such behaviors.

Fostering animals is one way that socialization is done naturally, as animals entering a new household with new sounds, smells, and faces can introduce them to many new things and teach them not to be afraid. Rock n Rescue relies heavily on fostering animals in the adoption process, and not only is it a great way to get the animals out of a crate and into a home environment, but it is also highly beneficial for them to learn through these experiences that “new” does not translate to “threatening”. And, who doesn’t love a temporary furry friend? Learn more about how to get involved in fostering under the “Volunteer” tab on our website.

Upon adoption, developing a socialization plan is crucial for ensuring that the development of your new pet will be a positive one. Introducing one new object or sound a day, new people or animals a few times a week, and new places on occasion can be a guideline for the frequency of the process. It does not have to mean constant exposure and abnormal life, but it can determine if your young puppy or kitten grows into a confident adult and suitable household friend.,weeks%20of%20age%20for%20kittens.