Benefits of slow feeders for dogs

Slow feeder bowls, also known as interactive feeders, are stimulating ways to slow down a dog’s eating habits, keeping them healthy and safe.

Why would a dog need a slow feeder?

Improved digestion, lowered risk of choking, and a reduced risk of bloating are some of the numerous benefits of slow feeders. Bloating for humans can be uncomfortable, but for your pup, it could be potentially fatal. A dog’s bloated stomach can twist and cut off blood circulation, filling the stomach with air and blocking blood from traveling to the heart. If you are worried that your dog is experiencing bloating, which can be associated with a swollen stomach, pain, and obvious distress, contact your vet immediately.

How do I know if a slow feeder is suitable for my dog?

There are really no downsides to using a slow feeder. If your dog scarfs down its dinner in under a minute or is generally high-energy, a slow feeder could be right for you. Slow feeders can prevent overeating and lessen the pace of consumption, allowing for time to digest and proper chewing. Even for a dog who eats at a relaxed pace, the stimulation from the pattern can prevent boredom and counteract cognitive decline. Whether you’re trying to remedy bad eating habits or simply add a daily stimulant at mealtime, a slow feeder is a great option for your pup.