The importance of socializing young pets

Socialization is how a kitten or puppy becomes a friendly, agreeable adult used to the world around them. Introducing aspects of the world to young pets, such as loud noises, peculiar objects, foreign places, and new people can allow for easy adjustment and a less anxious, more confident life. Many aggressive behaviors stem from fear, […]

Decoding the language of cat sounds

Kitten closeup

Hey feline friends and curious cat parents! Ever wondered what your furball is trying to tell you with those adorable meows and purrs? Let’s dive into the enchanting world of cat communication! 1. Meow: The all-purpose greeting! Short and sweet meows are like a “hello” or “hey there!” while longer meows might indicate excitement or […]

The Beauty of Bonded Cats

The concept of bonded cats means that the two cats have a special relationship and should remain together, for their physical and emotional well-being. The bond formed between the two cats is significant. Take Gigi and Gamble, for example, sisters who have a clear bond. They have become dependent upon each other, and to ensure their happiness […]

Food and plants that are toxic for your cat

Kitten chewing green leaf

Cats are extremely agile and can easily reach most places in your home, so it is essential to understand what shelved plants or foods lying on the counter can harm your cat, especially if your cat is known to munch on potted plants or scavenge food scraps. While this is not a thorough list, it […]

Adopting an older pet

Statistically, senior animals are less likely to be adopted than their younger counterparts. Often overlooked, these animals are typically more mellow and have established boundaries and personality traits, which can be the perfect scenario for those simply looking for a companion.  There are many benefits to adopting at each age— let’s dive into what this […]

Introducing a new pet to your household

Cute cat with eyes closed

Adopting a pet from a shelter is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences for you and your new pet, but introducing them to their new home in the least anxiety-inducing way is crucial for a smooth transition. A pet that is outgoing and engaged can quickly become stressed and timid when introduced to […]

How often should you bathe your pet?

Bath time for your furry friends can be a fun activity for many, but it’s essential to understand the frequency and guidelines to ensure it benefits your pet.  How frequently should I give my dog a bath? Usually, dogs should be bathed every 2-3 months, but it depends on their coat and activity. Unless excessively […]

Benefits of slow feeders for dogs

Slow feeder bowls, also known as interactive feeders, are stimulating ways to slow down a dog’s eating habits, keeping them healthy and safe. Why would a dog need a slow feeder? Improved digestion, lowered risk of choking, and a reduced risk of bloating are some of the numerous benefits of slow feeders. Bloating for humans […]

Summer care for dogs

Dogs are especially prone to heat sensitivity, so it is crucial for an owner to know how to prevent heat stroke, a condition where a dog’s body can no longer fight high temperatures, and also recognize the signs of an overheating pup. Prevention tips: Early signs of heatstroke: If you believe your dog is experiencing […]