A Therapy Story

Today we would love to share one of our not just amazing, but unique therapy stories.  It is known that dogs can be trained to recognize seizures in humans, but did you know that cats have that innate sense too?  Well here in Shannon’s words is her story.  Truly remarkable – Sensing a Seizure “My […]

COVID-19 Crisis

The world of rescue is a tumultuous place during the Covid-19 crisis.  Here in NY/CT in the US epicenter, it is particularly a difficult place to manage as most vets are closed or in need of supplies (mask medications etc…) and animal shelters shut to the public.  We here at RnR are also in quarantine, […]

Our First Blog!

Welcome to the first blog for Rock N’ Rescue!   We have established this blog for a variety of reasons.  First, we want you to experience some of our day to day drama – both happy and sad.  Much of this is missed on regular social media posts, so here will be a place for those […]

We Rescue Cats to Rescue People

“We Rescue Cats to Rescue People” – Rock N’ Rescue’s motto and truth.  RnR believes that cats (like music and art) can be an alternative therapy for individuals with emotional and/or physical issues.  While dogs are often seen as the “go to” pet for those needing animal therapy, cats can be the better solution for […]

Community Therapy

In the previous blog we discussed the concept of what goes into our process for choosing to rescue a cat, especially a cat that is destined to be therapeutic in some way.  In this blog we would like to introduce you to one of the ways we provide therapy to the community – a program […]