Saving Pets Challenge

The top 5 rescues receiving donations this month will get grants ranging from $5000-$50,000 as part of #savingpetschallenge – we are in the running right now! Every little bit helps us get to the grant level so please donate by clicking here: We rescue pets to rescue people!

5 Pillars of a Healthy Feline Environment

Three kittens on bed

Pillar 1. A safe place. Your cat needs a private and secure area, often in a raised location. This gives the cat a sense of enclosure, seclusion and a sense of protection. Cat’s love their safe spaces and are likely to have more than one throughout your home. Remember, they would prefer to avoid perceived threats […]

Why does your cat lick you?

Cat licking fingers

If you have a cat, you may occasionally be startled by the unfamiliar feel their scratchy tongue on you in the middle of a cuddle session or while you are simply sitting at your desk.  Cats will sometimes lick you but why? It is actually quite normal for your cat to lick you and the […]

What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)?

What causes cerebellar hypoplasia?  CH is commonly caused by a mother cat passing the feline panleukopenia virus to one or more of her unborn kittens in a litter. The virus can attack the cerebellum of the brain, hindering the unborn kitten’s brain development and causing cerebellar hypoplasia. What are the symptoms of cerebellar hypoplasia? CH […]

Careful: Some plants are poisonous for your pet

Kitten chewing green leaf

According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, they received more than 9,000 calls in 2020 regarding animals ingesting plants, making it the 5th most common toxin for pets. And since animals can also get sick eating things they find outside, be aware of what is living in your backyard and be vigilant on walks. […]

Animal rescue offers lifeline after storms

Woman holding young dog

This first appeared in the Bedford Record-Review. The two tornados that ripped through Bowling Green, Kentucky, in the middle of the night and early morning hours of Saturday, Dec. 11, not only caused historic destruction to the city and its residents,but also displaced and injured thousands of animals. Since that weekend, Juli Cialone, founder and […]

Cuddly campaign for baby Ridley

White kitten

donate here: Baby Ridley should be spending her time in foster care playing and basking in the love, instead, it’s been a time of constant pain as she copes with the agony of having to go to the bathroom, a process she has no control over.  From the start of her life, she has […]

Meet Bumblebear a foster fail but a great success story!

black cat with orange neck tie

He was found all alone – now he is the star of the household  Bumblebear was found as a tiny 5 week old stray in Mahopac  We made sure he was healthy and eventually sent him to be fostered  Bumble was special needs with an eyesight problem  Eventually he became 100% blind but our foster was fully […]

How many people helped to save the animal I adopted?

Sick kitten

You may be surprised how many people actually have a hand in helping us! Here is one story of some animals we are saving this week from one of our partners in Alabama, PURRfect Partners of Mobile (PPOM).  It started with Hurricane Ida wreaking havoc over the south, destroying homes and leaving hundreds of pets […]

Adopt a Less Adoptable!

Black cat laying on bed

When considering adopting a pet, have you ever thought about choosing one that may have physical or mental challenges? At Rock N’ Rescue, we make it our goal to save every animal possible, even the ones who are considered less-adoptable. Special needs animals are at a higher risk of getting euthanized, but given the chance, […]