Guidelines for Feline Adoptions

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Does your cat have an upper respiratory infection?
Some symptoms may include:
Sneezing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, cough, oral or nasal ulcers, sniffles, fever, hoarse voice, or any combination thereof.



Congrats on adopting your new baby/ies! We have put together a list of guidelines to make your new adoption experience go smoothly! Please contact us with any additional questions!

RNR requires a MANDATORY 48-72 hr post adoption check up and stool sample check for ALL cats, even though they have just had their health visit just this past week, the transition from foster to rescue to new home can trigger stress and illness. They are also coming from a different climate, etc.  Please give us a follow-up text/email no matter what the results.

Call if your kitten has sneezes, runny eyes or nose, weird poop, is not urinating or pooping, lethargic, blood in stool, vomiting, limp, worms, fast breathing, coughing, wheezing, or other symptoms.

For tiny kittens do not leave alone in home unattended in large area until older.  Please use crate or small room.

If ANY symptoms occur please IMMEDIATELY contact Juli and Marla via GROUP TEXT at our cell numbers listed on all our emails to you at any hour for guidance.


Fieldstone Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Cary Brenner/Dr Nadja Raver
4 Cottontail Rd
New Fairfield, CT 06812
Phone: (203) 746-5555
(Free wellness exam and discounts too!)

Progressive Animal Hospital
Somers, NY
(free wellness exam and deworming plus discounts)

Carlstadt Animal Hospital
Dr. Jose Pla
Carlstadt, NJ
(Our vet especially for dental)

Kittens – ½ can small can food 2x a day (more if growing and finishing)

Adult Cats – 1/2-3/4 can 2x a day, Adult PREMIUM (NO Meow Mix Deli Cat etc… can cause health problems)

For All CATS – ¼ cup Dry Food all day UNLESS cat is overweight (then give more canned) — Water changed 2-3x a day

Chicken varieties of food are gentler to the stomach. Most cats/kittens have been on SCIENCE DIET HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT WET AND DRY. Cats are Lactose INTOLERANT so no milk. They can have Kitten Formula or watered Goat Milk.

Canned Pumpkin, finely chopped cooked chicken or turkey (no skin or spices), no salt cooked fish are all ok to feed – DO NOT FEED UNCOOKED MEAT OR FISH — Watch out for PLANTS and RUMBERBANDS/HAIR TIES/WIRES – cats are attracted to all.

Fresh Step Multi Cat scoopable or non clumping – has natural attractant so is preferred to start (one box per floor). NO electronic or doored litter boxes initially especially for several months for kittens.