Cat Adoption Application

Thank you for your decision to adopt a rescued cat or kitten. You are encouraged to look at all the animals available to find one that is best suited to your lifestyle. Rock N’ Rescue reserves the right to accept or deny any applicant or application based on our requirements for adoption and the needs of the cat or kitten being applied for. Completion of the application does not guarantee approval. Any false information provided by the applicant will result in a nullification of your application and contract. You must be 18 yrs. or older to fill out this application; NO EXCEPTIONS.

**This is NOT the Adoption Contract. Please answer EVERY applicable question. Required fields are denoted. If this application is incomplete, you will receive an error message. Your answers will help us make sure we have the perfect match**

Please note that most of our kitties come from high kill shelters and we do not have background information on medical, behavioral, or breed. As for our breed mix labels, we do the best we can to guess the mix based on physical appearance, the feel of the coat, and coloring. Additionally, while we work extensively on behavior and temperament through testing, we can never guarantee personality traits. We will always provide the most up to date information that we have from our fosters and from our testing, to assist you with decision making. It is important to understand that IN A NEW HOME, a cat may act differently than it did in rescue or in foster, and therefore we can never guarantee that the cat’s personality will remain the same. Because of this, we will ALWAYS take our kitties back if it does not work out.

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Cat Application