Meet Bumblebear a foster fail but a great success story!

He was found all alone – now he is the star of the household  Bumblebear was found as a tiny 5 week old stray in Mahopac  We made sure he was healthy and eventually sent him to be fostered  Bumble was special needs with an eyesight problem  Eventually he became 100% blind but our foster was fully […]

How many people helped to save the animal I adopted?

You may be surprised how many people actually have a hand in helping us! Here is one story of some animals we are saving this week from one of our partners in Alabama, PURRfect Partners of Mobile (PPOM).  It started with Hurricane Ida wreaking havoc over the south, destroying homes and leaving hundreds of pets […]

Adopt a Less Adoptable!

Black cat laying on bed

When considering adopting a pet, have you ever thought about choosing one that may have physical or mental challenges? At Rock N’ Rescue, we make it our goal to save every animal possible, even the ones who are considered less-adoptable. Special needs animals are at a higher risk of getting euthanized, but given the chance, […]

August 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!

Take Your Pet to the Vet Day!

In honor of National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, we want to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of vaccinating your cats and getting them spayed or neutered! As we have been sharing for months, the 2021 kitten season has been of epic proportions! The closure of spay and neuter […]

Dealing with Vet Anxiety

Frightened Kitten

For Both You AND Your Pet! Visits to the vet can be fairly stressful for both you and your pet! With all sorts of unfamiliar sights and sounds, not to mention the poking and prodding that occurs when the vet is conducting their typical check-up, your pet may experience a lot of anxiety. Although not fail-proof, […]

Rock N’ Rescue Celebrates Young Artists!

We love our young artists and are so pleased to present the winners of our July 2021 art contest!! These awesome designs will be the cover art of our new stationery and thank you notes! We love them all!

Settling in a New Furry Friend

Making sure that a new pet gets settled in comfortably and safely takes time and patience.  There are some things you can do to help make your new pet feel comfortable in their new home! Things YOU Can Do A great way to make your new pet feel safe and comfortable is by providing them […]

Meet Ricky Bobby, a Fur-ever Friend!

When the Roseco family lost their beloved cat Dragon, the whole family, including his bonded cat buddy Nighthawk, mourned his loss. After Dragon’s passing, Nighthawk sank into a deep depression, barely eating and sleeping through the days. When he wasn’t sleeping, he would constantly revisit the last place he saw Dragon and meow in search of […]

Podcast with Juli and Marla!

Juli Cialone and Marla Valentine of Rock N’ Rescue chat with Stacy this week about their unique approach to cat rescue. Juli is the co-founder and executive director of Rock N’ Rescue with a background in professional photography. Marla is a social worker in long term care with over 25 years of experience.