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Our First Blog!

Welcome to the first blog for Rock N’ Rescue!   We have established this blog for a variety of reasons.  First, we want you to experience some of our day to day drama – both happy and sad.  Much of this is missed on regular social media posts, so here will be a place for those stories that will compel you to feel a deeper sense of who we are and also allow you to find out how you can be a part of our rescue family.  Second, we are here to tell the stories of many of our cats (and other critters) who are out there in the world changing peoples lives.  As we are known for our cats who provide a therapeutic component to our adopters’ lives, this will give you a more in depth sense of just how special our cats can be and how they are truly saving people (and those same people saving them too!).  In addition, we will have guest bloggers who will be writing everything from “what it’s like to be a foster”, to new products and medical innovations, to funny cat humor and more.  With your feedback, this blog will shape into a fun and informative spot to catch up on our Rock N’ Rescue world and all of our cats and kittens who we are furever devoted to saving.  Live.  Love.  Rock.  Adopt and read on!

  • Juli Cialone, Founder, Executive Director