nursing home therapy

Nursing Home Cuddle Therapy – June 21

We’ll be heading to Bethel Rehabilitation Center and the Wilton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for some kitten cuddle therapy. These programs are not open to the general public.

Research has shown that activities that can distract individuals from their immediate pain and elevate the heart rate have a positive impact on overall wellbeing. Animal assisted therapies such as our program do just that.  Through cuddling and play, participants are moved from a state of emotional discomfort to overall wellness with a heightened sense of their surroundings and elevation of mood.  This is what we do – we bring happiness and comic relief to our participants, who are in need of just that.  It is 45 minutes of not thinking about the present, past or future – allowing participants to be in the moment with the playful antics of the kittens and the soothing stress release of cuddling.