Three kittens on bed

National Pet Foster Care Month

In May we celebrate National Pet Foster Care Month! You’ve probably seen the phrase.
“Adopt, Don’t Shop” on our website and social media. Why is adopting so important and how does fostering help?

Adopting saves the lives of animals that would otherwise be killed in shelters or die on the street. We transport many of our animals from our partners in the South, such as Kentucky and Alabama where there is a huge stray cat problem. Rock N’ Rescue doesn’t shelter animals, our foster families are the only way we can ensure the pets we take in are homed with the right families. Fostering give our furry friends the opportunity to become socialized and learn how to accept cuddles and hugs. As you can imagine, many of these sweet babies have had enormous stressors, including abuse, hoarding, or just street living.  Fostering gives us the time to get to know their personalities. Are they bonded with another? Are they playful? Might they make a good therapy animal? We rely heavily on our fosters constant communication with us so we can learn everything there is to know about each and every one of our rescued friends!

Approximately 7.6 million animals in the United States find their way into shelters annually! This huge number means that there is not enough space in all of the shelters for each pet to get a second chance for a  happily ever after. Many shelters need to euthanize for space. By fostering even just one animal, you ARE saving a life.

Many of our fosters, foster to adopt. Families can determine if they are capable of the long term responsibility of pet ownership. At Rock N’ Rescue we offer many fostering opportunities. You can access the fostering application on our website, which is how we can be sure that you have the right qualifications to foster! Fostering is also super fun because you can have experiences with many different pets and there will always be something to do and a cute furry friend to cuddle up with. 

We hope you consider fostering a pet. You are saving a life by choosing to foster and YOU will be an essential part of these beautiful animals finding their purrfect FURR-EVER HOMES!!!

By Callie Thompson & Grace Hooker