2 people holding 2 cats

Meet Ricky Bobby, a Fur-ever Friend!

When the Roseco family lost their beloved cat Dragon, the whole family, including his bonded cat buddy Nighthawk, mourned his loss. After Dragon’s passing, Nighthawk sank into a deep depression, barely eating and sleeping through the days. When he wasn’t sleeping, he would constantly revisit the last place he saw Dragon and meow in search of his best friend.

Dragon (on the left) and Nighthawk (on the right) before Dragon’s death.

The family decided their home needed another companion for Nighthawk and when they received a message from Rock n’ Rescue notifying them of a grey male kitten in need of a home, they jumped at the opportunity to get Nighthawk a new friend! They traveled nearly 5 hours to pick him and once he met Nighthawk, the two instantly became attached at the hip! They were a purr-fect match!

Ricky Bobby (on the left) and Nighthawk (on the right) soaking up the sun in matching bow-ties!

They named the little guy, Ricky Bobby, and he has been a wonderful addition to the family!  He brings laughter and joy to everyone around him; playing, cuddling, and letting his fearless personality shine through!

Ricky Bobby has been a blessing to the Roseco family and they can’t imagine their family without him!  He truly is a fur-ever friend!

Written by Charlotte Anglade