4 kittens looking upward

July 10 is National Kitten Day!

National Kitten Day? You’ve got to be kitten me! 

We live and breathe kittens, here at Rock n’ Rescue, which means that every day is National Kitten Day!!

In celebration, let’s explore all the ways YOU can help and support US in our mission to rescue kittens and find them great families that can provide them with a safe and happy home!

Adopting / Fostering

If you are even thinking about adding a feline friend to your family, look no further! Why shop, when you can adopt!? Our beautiful floofs often come from tragic beginnings; high kill shelters, hoarding situations and the streets. These animals can only dream of being safe, fed, and loved! Adoption is a great way to provide a home to these deserving souls.  By adopting, you are saving a life AND freeing up more room in the rescues to save more!  Approximately 6.5 million animals in the United States alone, are sent to shelters each year.  The number that are euthanized is heartbreaking! 

Fostering is another fantastic way to help out Rock n’ Rescue!  There are so many kittens in need of being fostered so we are always looking for more foster caregivers.  Not everyone can commit to adopting an animal but fostering plays an equally important role in what we do!  By fostering animals it allows for other animal lives to be saved!


Our motto, “we rescue pets to rescue people” has taken on special meaning this past year. While we weren’t able to bring our therapy animals to nursing homes due to the pandemic, more and more adoptions were therapy adoptions. Here at Rock n’ Rescue, we believe that pets can provide their owners or caregivers with emotional and even physical support!

Did you know that even the frequency of cats’ purrs can be healing?? Have you heard Mr. Bubbles?? See our Instagram post dated July 11, 2021 to hear that magical sound!! This same frequency is used in the medical field to actually heal wounds more quickly. Cats’ beautiful purrs may also contribute to lowering stress and blood pressure.

Anyone who owns a pet can tell you that spending time with him or her can help decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, and/or anger.  

And let’s not forget the kids!! Bringing a foster animal or pet home to a household with children is also a great way to teach kids responsibility.  Small but crucial tasks such as feeding pets and emptying your cat’s litter box or taking your dog out for a walk are great ways for kids to learn what it takes to be responsible and care for animals.  

While pet adoption offers so many benefits, if you will be a first-time pet owner, be sure that you and your family are ready.  Understanding what goes into feeding and caring for a pet is crucial.  Your pet will be a family member just like you.

So, whether you are in need of emotional or physical support, companionship, or even if you are happy and content, animals can offer numerous benefits.  Adopting or fostering is a great way to help not only kittens and other animals in need, but yourself as well! So apply now, what better day than on National Kitten Day!

Written by Charlotte Anglade