Grooming your cat

Cats are very hygienic animals and can actually groom themselves naturally however, there are things that you can do to help them stay clean.  Not to mention it’s always fun pampering your pets!

Getting Comfortable

Grooming your pets is not always the most relaxed pastime for either of you.  Oftentimes your cat may not be fully comfortable with different tools or practices.  It is important to be patient with them and make them feel safe.  It can help to have a bag of treats handy to praise them when they are behaving well and calm them if they are feeling stressed.

Brushing Your Cat

Cats clean their coats on their own using their tongues but depending on the length of their fur, their skin, and other factors, using an actual brush may be necessary to keep them clean and healthy.  In addition, if your cat gets hairballs often, it can help to brush them so that they don’t have as much dead hair that they can dislodge and swallow when they groom themselves.  If your cat has longer fur, they may need to be brushed more often.  Brushing not only keeps your cat’s coat looking neat, it can also evenly distribute their natural oils and keep their skin healthy as well.

Clipping Their Nails

It’s important to regularly trim your cat’s nails for a number of reasons.  If they get too long they can unintentionally hurt you and it can also become uncomfortable for them.  To make the process of cutting your cat’s nails easier, it might help to play with or touch their paws when you aren’t about to cut them so that they can become accustomed to the sensation.  When it comes time to cut them, gently press on their paws until their claws come out and use a nail trimmer to cut their nails.  Make sure you do NOT cut the pink part of your cat’s nail as this is the quick, a very sensitive part that has blood vessels and nerves.

For the most part, cats can take care of themselves but it doesn’t hurt to help them stay clean and healthy!  Treating them to a pamper session can be fun for both of you just be sure that they are safe and comfortable in the process!