Frightened Kitten

Dealing with Vet Anxiety

For Both You AND Your Pet!

Visits to the vet can be fairly stressful for both you and your pet! With all sorts of unfamiliar sights and sounds, not to mention the poking and prodding that occurs when the vet is conducting their typical check-up, your pet may experience a lot of anxiety. Although not fail-proof, there are some things you can try to help combat these feelings of worry and concern.

Things You Can Do To Help

First things first, calm your own nerves! Pets can detect when others are stressed or anxious so try to be mindful of your own anxieties. It can be a nerve-racking experience taking your pet to the vet as people often brace themselves for bad news however, this can be apparent in one’s energy and body language. Pets pick up on this and it can worsen their already existing anxiety! Take deep breaths and try to act with confidence to make it appear to your pet that you are calm.

Some pets get very stressed and uncomfortable when they are touched or handled in a certain way, especially by a stranger. One of the things you can do to try to help them become more at ease during their vet appointments is to get them used to being touched in areas like their eyes, ears, and feet. Doing this before the actual appointment may reduce their stress and make them feel more comfortable as they likely feel much safer with you than they do with the vet.

Another thing that may work for both you and your pet is exercise! Exercise is proven to improve pet’s happiness and health and can be a great way to reduce stress. By playing with your pet and getting them physical, you can tire them out before their appointment. They may be significantly less high-strung and anxious and instead, may potentially feel more relaxed and worn out!

Taking your pet to the vet is obviously very important. Try out any of these tips and you may be able to make it a much smoother and more relaxing experience for both you and your pet!

Written by Charlotte Anglade