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Cuddly campaign for baby Ridley

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Baby Ridley should be spending her time in foster care playing and basking in the love, instead, it’s been a time of constant pain as she copes with the agony of having to go to the bathroom, a process she has no control over. 

From the start of her life, she has been struck with hardships. Abandoned by her owners at such a young age, Ridley and her family never got the love of a warm and caring home. If it weren’t for her mama and siblings, she would have been left completely alone to deal with the tribulations that soon followed. After hearing about Baby Ridley and her sweet family, we immediately rushed in to place them all in their foster homes. We were excited for these babies to start their new lives, but for Baby Ridley, her journey would be far more challenging than the rest. 

Once she was settled in with her fosters,  it was discovered that she had trouble excreting feces. She was then rushed to an emergency room where radiographs were taken. The doctors determined that she either has internal digestive issues that block her from fully absorbing food creating hard stool or has poor muscle development to push the stool out. Either way, the sweet girl has been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. 

Since the diagnosis, she has been receiving baths to help soften the stool, enemas three times a day, as well as constant removal of the stool by both the vets and her fosters. At the current moment, these are the only solutions to help with her ailment. We aren’t sure what the future of Baby Ridley holds, but we are hoping that as her body matures and grows she will be able to digest properly and create the proper muscles needed. 

We are so proud of how brave she has been through the entire process and we are holding onto the hopes that one day she will be the special champion she already knows is her destiny! The care for this baby will be extensive and she will need all the help she can get. We will keep you all updated on her progress, but in the meantime, help us lift this sweet angel’s spirit by donating to her medical care and wishlist items! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated! Thank you!