COVID-19 Adoption Protocol

Welcome to our Curbside Adoption services established to continue placing pets with minimal risk but maximum love to adopters and rescuers alike. During this difficult time, we MUST persevere more than ever to place pets in homes as many shelters are about to be overrun and rescues have shut down. In addition, people are in need more than ever to have a pet for comfort and therapy to weather the storm. In order to protect our staff and other adopters, certain new protocols MUST be strictly followed, as we cannot contaminate other pets (by touching and browsing). Please read the following carefully:

1. All adopters must first do an application online at
If there is difficulty or you do not hear from us within 24 hrs – please email us directly at and we can email you an application or do one via the phone. Once approved, you will receive an email, text and a phone call from us to discuss the adoption. ONLY ADOPTORS READY IMMEDIATELY TO ADOPT SHOULD BE APPLYING – if this is only for pre approval for an adoption in a few weeks, etc… please note on application and we can put it on file but pets cannot be held for more than 48 hrs.

2. When you choose your pet it will go on hold for you once we chat. If you are unsure of the kitty, please don’t put a hold on that pet as others will commit and it will prevent that pet from getting adopted. Kittens under the age of 12 wks MUST go home with a buddy cat or to a home with a young buddy cat already looking for a friend – no exceptions.

3. You will be meeting your pet via web only – NO MEET N GREETS or BROWSING – These are the sweetest of the sweet, so understand you will know your love or not. Browsing etc… can only be done in a few months when this pandemic clears and all of us our safe, but this could be a LONG time…

4. Once committed to that pet, that pet will go on hold and a “curbside” adoption pick up will be scheduled. For that pick up the following will be sent to you to read and/or complete:

  • Check list of items you will need for your new pet – links for chewy and other stores will be provided where discounts for adopting are offered
  • Cat Adoption Agreement – you will need to print, sign and email this to us. Camscan is a free app and is great for this on most cell phones. If you cannot print, ask a friend, or we have contracts here but that is going to be a bit more complicated for us to decontaminate etc…
  • Cat Adoption Information – This is sheet guiding you about what to expect as your pet transitions, both medical and feeding guidelines, and suggested veterinarian options for wellness checks.

5. At pick-up, please leave the carrier in your trunk or back of vehicle and text us at numbers provided to you when pre approved so we can come up and take your carrier and wave “hi” – We will then open the car, take the carrier and bring back your new pet with the paperwork/medical in an envelope and place them back in the car. The medical and any unanswered questions will be reviewed from your car via phone while you wait to go over what was completed and what future medical appointments will be needed (boosters etc…). If any irregular medical issues arise, due to pet stress etc… we are both always available via our cell phones which you would group text (like a hotline). Happy photos of course are LOVED and keep us and our fellow rescuers/fosters going strong!