Rock N’ Rescue Celebrates Young Artists!

Illustrations of animals playing musical instruments

We love our young artists and are so pleased to present the winners of our July 2021 art contest!! These awesome designs will be the cover art of our new stationery and thank you notes! We love them all!

Settling in a New Furry Friend

Cute cat with eyes closed

Making sure that a new pet gets settled in comfortably and safely takes time and patience.  There are some things you can do to help make your new pet feel comfortable in their new home! Things YOU Can Do A great way to make your new pet feel safe and comfortable is by providing them […]

Meet Ricky Bobby, a Fur-ever Friend!

2 people holding 2 cats

When the Roseco family lost their beloved cat Dragon, the whole family, including his bonded cat buddy Nighthawk, mourned his loss. After Dragon’s passing, Nighthawk sank into a deep depression, barely eating and sleeping through the days. When he wasn’t sleeping, he would constantly revisit the last place he saw Dragon and meow in search of […]